This site is the personal blog of Tina Minkowitz, covering issues of lesbian feminism and critical disability/survivor of psychiatry legal perspective in human rights.  There is not only an intersection between these, they are inseparable in my life, work  and theory.

Feminism as women’s liberation starts from the body in which we are conscious of ourselves.  We interact with other bodies through our breath, touch, eating, and more.  We nourish each other.  This does not negate our mind as patriarchal dualist separation of mind and body would dictate, rather we are whole and celebrate our embodied consciousness, with its creativity in engineering, law, medicine and arts.

The body and its consciousness are attacked by psychiatry which separates them and hands them back to us reversed and under its control.  Psychiatry serves the capitalist, colonialist, patriarchal state and all the systems of oppression it is built on.

The movement I am part of as both a lesbian feminist and a survivor of psychiatry is not one of humanist individualism, which is easily assimilated into capitalist colonialist patriarchy.  While ‘live and let live’ is a matter of courtesy and respect to create a society of mutual connection and caring, it is a copout when we are criticizing social institutions and systems of oppression.

Transgender ideology that purports to dismantle and remake feminism into an individualist gender-neutral matter of subjective sexualized identities is a return to the pre-feminist men’s sexual liberation movement.  It is anti-feminist, anti-lesbian and deeply misogynist, and taps into both women’s frustration with the persistence of patriarchy and woman-hatred, and men’s hostility to the dismantling of their exploitative entitlements.

Lesbian means female homosexual, and lesbians have always been intersectional as women who are gender non-conforming, fighting for freedom to love and be our sexual selves, and for the liberation of all women from men’s domination.  Many of us are intersectional in more ways, sisters of color having to fight against racist objectification and racist discrimination and violence against themselves and their communities.

Intersectionality does not require us to dismantle feminism and reject the political categories of woman and lesbian as embodied categories coming from our actual existence as female human beings oppressed by male domination, including those of us who are joyfully and amazingly attracted to each other at the deepest level of sexuality.  Rather, intersectionality requires feminism and the persistence of these categories.

We exist, we are here in the past, present and future, we are forever so long as the earth persists.

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