Jewish Mother Goddess

she’s the one you want, and the one who remembers
she’s heimishe, she’s got this
light and she’s cuddly
she wants to hold you
she’s got curly black hair and brown-tinged skin, her lips are soft almost purple
she’s sweet
she might sing
she likes to laugh and tell jokes
nice jokes, kind ones
she remembers
she shifts, her lap is gold and rubies and
she remembers
she heaves up
and she remembers
she heaves,
grieving what she lost which was
her own little girl self,
she holds something for you
and remembers to say
don’t be afraid,
this is my trauma not yours
she sets it down gently
lets her jaw unclench
she tells a story
that makes herself almost laugh, she’s
distracted and goes dancing off the pier
thin and ghostly girl now,
she will come back though
the ancient other is holding her deep
calling her
within the depths
remembering her


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